Flipped Instruction

In flipped classrooms, students gain exposure to material outside of class via video, activities, readings or other learning objects. This frees up time in class for teachers to deep dive into lessons, facilitate inquiry-based work and provide personalized guidance to students rather than lecture. When combined with student-centered approaches to teaching, a flipped classroom helps students take responsibility for their own learning by learning how to learn independently—an essential 21st century skill.

I managed the production of roughly 600 videos for flipped instruction across 5 Humanities courses for Pearson's Next General Social Studies programs under a tight deadline. Each video addressed a key idea or concept in a lesson. I collaborated with an editorial team to blueprint each video, aligned them to state standards, and contracted and managed content experts to review and fact check scripts. I worked with a production team to define video treatments and produce the videos, reviewed videos from rough through final cut, drafted authoring documents for the development team to build the videos into SCORM scoreable content objects on Pearson's learning management system, and reviewed final content objects for content and functionality on the platform.