Structured Academic Controversy

Structured Academic Controversy is a classroom discussion model that moves students beyond the pro/con format of debate to a more nuanced understanding of issues. Working in teams, students explore a question using document-based sources, analyze arguments and synthesize information. They then present their positions using evidence to form arguments and engage in active listening to contrasting opinions. This process allows students to evolve from holding ideas simply because their friends, family or community believe them, to basing their claims and opinions on evidence and forming reasoned opinions.

The project stakeholders defined the need for a teacher-facing professional development video that modeled how to prepare for and carry out civic discussions using the Structured Academic Controversy model in the classroom. My role as editorial lead was to work with curriculum developers and producer to refine a video storyline and model lesson, and work with crew, students and instructor on site to shoot the video. I interviewed the instructor and students, edited shooting transcripts into a 10 minute script, and reviewed approved video cuts.

Project Partners: Constitutional Rights Foundation